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Welcome to Steelox SA. STEELOX SA (SSA) is a company registered in SA for the main purpose of stocking and supplying different steel products. We specialize in quenched and tempered heavy plate, but we also supply boiler plate, S355, and any other carbon steel plate. The plates distributed are primarily for the mining and associated industries.

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Mills. Stealth Tools offer a complete line of mills that can be used in a variety of workover applications. Dressed with a traditional tungsten carbide hardfacing with large particle size to mill cement, bridge plugs, etc., we also offer a "Shrapnel Series" hardfacing which is a novel combination of crushed PDC particles, combined with the traditional tungsten carbide, to create a superior ...

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2021-8-27 · * The figures are provided in accordance with the German regulation ''PKW-EnVKV'' and apply to the German market only. Further information on official fuel consumption figures and the official specific CO₂ emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the EU …


APPLICATIONS. •FCW W S is used for surfacing parts subjected to heavy compressive stresses and moderate abrasion or metal-to-metal wear, combined with mechanical and thermal shocks. • Pre-heat is an essential requirement to prevent hot cracking. The level of preheat is a function of the size and geometry of the component to be hardfaced and ...

Tungsten Carbide Welding, Hardfacing & Hardbanding Wires ...

Dynalloy Industries offers a robust product line of welding, hardfacing and hardbanding wires. Each product has been specifically formulated to provide Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Toughness, or other specific characteristics.

Welding Alloys South Africa

2020-1-20 · Back in 2019, Welding Alloys Far East (WAFE), received VRM coal mill rollers from a local power plant for hardfacing. Welding Alloys Deutschland receives safety award . 19/07/2021 .

Alloy 17-4 PH Precipitation Hardening

2021-8-25 · 88.9mm. 101.6mm. Alloy 17-4PH is a precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel with Cu and Nb/Cb additions. The grade combines high strength, hardness (up to 572°F /300°C), and corrosion resistance. Mechanical properties can be optimized with heat …


2005-11-23 · COBALARC HARDFACING CONSUMABLES Email: [email protected] 73 Metal Enriched, Rutile Type Electrode. For Joining Dissimilar steels or as a Buffer Layer Prior to Hard Surfacing. Tough, Machinable Austenitic Stainless Steel Deposit. 3.2mm size can be …


g is the gravitational acceleration in m/s 2, and. r P is the pitch diameter in m.. The optimum of Fr p is between 1.6 and 2.0. The milling capacity for Fr p outside this range is lower despite the constant energy consumption of the pulverizer.. Tests carried out for some industrial mills have proven that the change of grinding unit rotational speed strongly influences mill capacity.


2021-7-9 · DIN EN 760 | SA FB 1 65 DC BFB 4 543 DC 12 M 2-16. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS. COROFLUX 200 is a highly basic agglomerated flux for hardfacing. This welding flux is recommended for the welding of mill rolls and continuous casting rolls in conjunction with martensitic CORODUR flux cored wires.


2021-8-14 · CLASSIFICATION. DIN EN 760 | SA CS 2 Cr 64 DC. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS. COROFLUX HL is an agglomerated flux for submerged arc hardfacing. This welding flux is recommended for the welding of mill rolls and continuous casting rolls in conjunction with martensitic CORODUR flux cored wires.


2021-8-27 · 2/57 Anderson Road Smeaton Grange NSW 2567. P: +61 2 4631 4500 F: +61 2 4631 4555. ABN 24 057 636 692


Abracor designs, manufactures and sells welding consumables (welding electrodes, solid wire and flux cored wire) and brazing. Abracor also distributes products for pickling and passivation.

Hardfacing Wires

SA Super 20 deposit is a very highly alloyed chromium-tungsten-moly-iron used for service involving very severe abrasive conditions and hot wear up to 1100F. [Read more] Stoody SOS 423


2020-12-16 · HARDFACING RODS AND WIRES 83188 Technical Brochure PROOF 0128B dd 1 2/6/13 12:31 PM

Welding Alloys Consumables | Welding Wires & Electrodes

2020-1-20 · Joining. We offer welding wires for low, medium and high alloy hardfacing, for mild and stainless steel fabrications, and nickel and cobalt base wires. Diameters range from 0.9 mm to 4.0 mm, using our own manufacturing technology. In addition to cored wires, our range of consumables includes aluminium welding wires and tubular welding electrodes.

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2018-9-11 · Welding Alloys South Africa (Pty) Ltd, "WASA" is a South African subsidiary of Welding Alloys Ltd who holds 74% equity and the balance of 26% is held by the Welding Alloys Employee Trust.

AutoDrive® SA Wire Feeders

When it comes to welding aluminum parts robotically, arc starts and consistent wire feeding are crucial. AutoDrive® SA is a high-performance aluminum servo torch solution engineered to address the common problems with robotic aluminum welding – all to make the welding process easier and hassle-free. The system integrates with a robot and communicates directly with a Lincoln Electric® Power ...

Schweißdraht Luisenthal

Schweißdraht Luisenthal has developed into one of the leading suppliers for filler metals for welding and delivers to the automotive supplier industry and to trade worldwide. The company has extended its expertise in the production of wire rod since 1926 and is considered to be a specialist in hardfacing and thermal spraying. The product ...

The Welding Handbook

2016-4-29 · 1 .00 Maritime Welding Handbook Welding and Related Processes for Repair and Maintenance Onboard 14th edition 2nd revision Notice: All welding is carried out on the welder''s own risk and account. Welding should be executed by a qualified and experienced


2020-1-21 · > ROLLING-MILL ROLLS, BELLS AND HOPPERS OF BLAST-FURNACES. 12. 18 I 19 ... fl ux cored wire for hardfacing and strip/fl ux products for strip cladding. Please contact us for more information. I SOUDOKAY SA I I RUE DE L''YSER 2 I I B-7180 SENEFFE I BELGIUM I I …

Hardfacing Welding Electrodes

Saitron HF 663 is a highly alloyed with C-Cr-Mo-V hardfacing electrode. Special alloy addition gives microstructure of primary chromium carbide and complex carbide of Mo & V, so that the weld deposit can sustain severe abrasion and erosion resistance even at high temperature …


CERATIZIT is a high-technology engineering group specialised in cutting tools and hard material solutions. The constant innovation of materials and applications helps us and our customers to create a large number of machines, tools, applications, and consumer goods …

Hardfacing Electrodes

Stoody TB-2954 bare oxy-acetylene hardfacing rod is used primarily for grain mill hammers. It has extreme abrasion resistance and low impact resistance. It is manufactured b metering crushed tungsten carbide particles with a mesh size of 100-250 into steel cubes. [Read more]


• Tubular wire for self-shielded metal arc hardfacing • Low alloy steel weld deposit for heavy multi-layer build-up work on carbon steel parts . APPLICATIONS. FCW TO is used for rebuilding and surfacing components subject to metal-metal wear and moderate abrasion. The weld deposit is machinable. Examples

Stainless Steel Plate Suppliers – Euro Steel, South Africa

Stainless Steel Plate. Euro Steel offers a diverse range of Stainless Steel Flat Rolled Products, which are available in Plate, Sheet and Coil. The most common grades of Stainless Steel Sheets that we offer are 3CR12, 430, 304L, 316L, 310, 310S, 409, 441 and 444. Grade types …

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Hardfacing Wires (7) Abrasion Resistant Carbides; Build-Up Alloys; Cobalt and Nickel Alloys; ... 2926-SA Hardfacing Wires. 2953-SA Hardfacing Wires. 2991-SA Hardfacing Wires. 2992-SA ... 2821-MCO Sugar Mill Roll Arcing Roughening Wire Special Use Hardfacing Wires. DuraForge™ 2225-FCG ...


2021-5-14 · MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION. Environmentally Friendly Products. The Japan Cutting & Wear-resistant Tool Association evaluates the environmental impact of the product during the manufacturing stage and the product usage stage by the client, and certifies the product using one of the star ratings according to the evaluation results.

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